Pómniv: noun
from the Luiseño (Pechanga) tribe meaning "trail" and "his/hers past tracks"



Pómniv is an 800 mile (1300 km) route from San Diego to Sonoma...almost the entire length of California!

Our Mission

We aim to create a unique travel experience for all ages and physical abilities. Our checkpoint network provides food and accommodations to make the journey a possibility for everyone! Trail signage makes navigation easy and digital applications, like games and maps, enhance the overall experience.

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“You're part of the here and now, part of the daily experience of living life and appreciating every moment.”



The Journey

Pómniv is an adventure for everyone including long-distance walkers, those in wheelchairs, bicyclists, 4th graders working on their Mission projects, and families. With over 100 airports, trains, and buses access to different points along the way is easy. Fantastic weather year round, various lodging options, and great food make Pómniv the WAY TO GO!

The route follows the California Mission System, taking you through major metropolitan cities, rural areas, farmland, coastal vistas, mountains, and historical landmarks.



“Someday I want to do a Pómniv...”

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Get Involved


Hotels, restaurants, shops, and landmarks can all register with us to participate in the Pómniv experience.

Business Opportunities

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We've got big plans and plenty of projects that need your help!

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