What you make out of Pomniv will be your own. No one's walk is the same as anyone else's. Some days you'll be too tired to shower while on other days you'll cover more distance then you ever thought humanly possible.

The excitement of reaching a checkpoint is unlike any other. Something you never thought you could do becomes a daily experience. When walking/riding long distances you get a chance to see more then you ever could in a car. Small details like a flower in bloom or an interesting store are in front and around you. You become one with your surroundings and forget about the "little things" like your phone, email, and tv. You're part of the here and now, part of the daily experience of living life, and you start to appreciating every moment.

Maybe you'll stay in someone's home, maybe you'll stay in a hotel, or camp outside. You'll meet people from Europe, Asia or even your home city. Every day is different and exciting.

Nothing can describe what your Pómniv experience will be like because it's YOURS!


Ilia Carson-Letelier, Founder