Navigate the route without technology. Signage/directional arrows are located in strategic places directing you to hotels, Missions, and places to eat. Future plans are to have permanent signage along the entire 800 mile route.

pómnivors (donation based, pay what you can afford)

Become a Pómnivor and receive personalized help, a booklet with colorful stickers for all 21 missions you visit (digital or in print), a certificate of completion, limited-edition t-shirts, and MORE!

Phone App

(in planning stage)

Maps, hotel options, recommended restaurants, weather reports, up to the minute road closures, restaurant/hotel reviews, special events, and a host of other information will be available via the Pómniv app. You'll also be able to keep track of your miles and get credit for each mission you've visited.

Gaming experience

(in planning stage)

Tired of 4th grade Mission projects taking up space in your garage? Don't feel safe with a glue gun? By scanning strategically placed signs your little ones will love seeing if they can find information about the history of Native-Americans, the Spanish Missionaries, and about CA's history.

pómniv specific hotels and restaurants

(in planning stage)

Hotels and restaurants geared specifically to people on the route (similar to the "albergues" in Spain). If you, or someone you know, is in the development business or wants to donate money to build lodging in some of the areas where there are large stretches of land with no place to stay THOUSANDS of people would be most grateful to you!!!

gift & repair shops

(in planning stage)

All of your needs will be met along the route. Whether it's fixing a bicycle tire, repairing a wheelchair glitch, or replacing a lost hat...Pómniv will provide.


(in planning stage)

Need a ride to the hospital? Tired of carrying that bag you overpacked? Our network of transportation providers will be there to help.


(in planning stage)

Pómniv will supply food, transportation, and accommodations to kids who have not been exposed to the great outdoors to enable them to take part in a Pómniv retreat at one of the missions. Here the kids will explore the area and learn more about exercise and nature.


If any of these projects sound interesting to you please contact