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Pómniv was conceived by Ilia Carson-Letelier after training for the Camino Santiago by walking half the "Mission Walk" in 2015 (430 miles from Sonoma to San Luis Obispo). After completing the Frances route of the Camino Santiago the following year (500 miles) she decided that CA needed it's own "pilgrimage". Completing the remaining 9 missions during the fall and winter of 2016/17 gave her a better understanding of the importance of this project.



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Pómniv is a unique travel experience for all ages and physical abilities. Our checkpoint network points out food and lodging to make the journey a possibility for everyone! Trail signage at every turn and about every 3 miles (except very long stretches when you only have to go straight ahead) makes navigation on the ground easy while future digital applications, like games and maps, enhance the overall experience.

All you have to do is show up! No heavy backpack or food preparation required. Just enjoy the experience!

Donations & sponsors

Pómniv is a donation based project. As of now there are no sponsors so, if your company is interested in becoming a sponsor, contact pomnivproject@gmail.com.


Pómniv is a labor of LOVE and good will towards human kind. If you have the time and desire to help there is plenty to do! Please contact pomnivproject@gmail.com.


Members are called Pómnivors. Information can be found by clicking "Pomnivors" at the top of the website.


Pómniv supporters (In alphabetical order):

Samira Almendras - graciously, and at no cost, spent many hours designing the Pómniv logo, building the website, teaching Ilia how to use Google Docs, and helping in many other ways!!

Barbara Arhon

Judie Carson

Ruth & Bill Fisher

Lin and Vince Galea

Melvino Garretti

Peter Herrera

Carl Krikorian

Oka-Price Family

Jim Ostdick

St Elmo Village

Pulver-Williams Family





Organizations and individuals who have given advice and/or support to the Pómniv Project

Mission San Francisco   Robert Pickett, Supervisor

Mission San Rafael   Helen Bernardoni, Supervisor

Mission San José   Dolores Ferenz, Supervisor

Mission Santa Clara   John Ottoboni, Director Santa Clara University

Mission Soledad   Carlene Bell, Board President

Mission San Antonio   Frankie Grau, Gift Shop Manager Joan Steele, Administrator

Mission San Miguel    Ben Martin, General Manager

Mission La Purisma   Iris Rickard, Supervisor

Mission Santa Inés   Father Matt Elshoff

Mission San Buenaventura   Father Tom Elewaut


Mission San Fernando   Kevin Seney, Business Manager

Mission San Gabriel   Al Sanchez, Business Manager

Mission San Juan Capistrano   Mechelle Lawrence, Supervisor

Mission San Luis Rey   Christie, Walking Tour Coordinator

Mission San Diego   Janet Bartel, Docent Program Coordinator

Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail   Naomi Torres, Superintendent

Santa Barbara Coalition of Government   Kent Epperson


Pómniv Press


https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8d7RkOjhJSncGFaY0JROUtja2Y5SEw5ajZKdXFsRG10eHVR/view  (page 31)




Contact pomnivproject@gmail.com for more information

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