Ilia Carson-Letelier founder

is an avid long-distance walker, hiker, and lover of the outdoors. She has lead over 100 walks through Meetup, has traveled to 38 countries, and all 50 of the US states. After completing the 500 mile Camino Santiago in Spain she wanted to create a similar experience in her own country.

  Something you never thought possible becomes a daily experience. You see more walking then you ever could in a car. Flowers in bloom or an interesting sculpture are right in front of you. You're part of the here and now, part of the daily experience of living life and of appreciating every moment.
  Every day is different and exciting. Nothing can describe what your Pómniv experience will be like because it is YOURS!

Samira Almendras employee #1

is a designer working and living in the Bay Area. A lover of exploration, all things nature, she joined Ilia on the Pómniv adventure with the hopes of sharing more of the world with people, one step at a time.